Popura “Poplar” Taneshima ( Taneshima Popura) is actually among the list of directory of number one woman figures inside story, performing.

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Popura “Poplar” Taneshima ( Taneshima Popura) is actually among the list of directory of number one woman figures inside story, performing.

your babe quite test one petite 17 yr elderly high lessons scholar which works at Wagnaria while per waitress.

Appearance [ modify | modify source ]

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Taneshima appears each younger girl among alongside excellent harmless appearance their makes men and women misunderstand it girl towards believe their girl ended up being young. She’s lengthy, fluffy, reddish-brown hair that is tied in your ponytail and frequently screwed up thru Jun Satou. Equal even though the lady height was faster versus typical, she seems inside become so endowed contrasted to about females.

Individuality [ modify | modify supply ]

Taneshima shows 1 bubbly personality qualities, Lowell escort sites but is actually regularly frustrated whenever many think this girl even try at center or even elementary college. She continuously wishes many men and women within have along. She’s additionally somewhat oblivious, entirely never aware to Jun Satou’s feelings to Yachiyo Todoroki, including how this individual messes along and our girl locks. but, she manages to know Yachiyo’s feelings to Satou, a lot prior to Yachiyo will. She much attempt completely stressed about each woman height and measures simply by herself rather every day, even though when of your reveal finale she includes finally adult taller.

Background [ change | modify source ]

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Relationships [ alter | modify provider ]

Co-staff members [ modify | edit provider ]

Souta Takanashi [ alter | modify company ]

Taneshima extremely admires Takanashi, our girl is even unable in direction of perfectly contact him by his surname, saying “Katanashi” versus “Takanashi”, additionally immediately after corrected.

This girl adores Kotori (Souta’s alter-ego) as your most appropriate objectives where it woman test rather friendly alongside Takanashi, continually trying for him as well as/or Inami together, additionally experience kept out as he does not dog the lady in direction of actually most long periods. Anyhow, this woman is many times frustrated by just his ‘tiny’ feedback.

Taneshima believes Kotori become their awesome girl, towards often expected Takanashi to get across-dress for their lady, just what it individual continually declines. Popura’s adoration inside Kotori really want the level that this girl co-workers inquire the girl either she actually is drawn towards women, however this girl denies our. still, immediately after fulfilling Takanashi’s families to discovering it they are entirely high and nowadays impressive figures, this girl fallen this girl admiration out of Takanashi’s woman-form in addition expected authorization inside appreciate his sisters, considering his family members endowed by people gods.

Jun Satou [ edit | edit supply ]

Satou actually shut buddy concerning Taneshima’s, and also this one individual often helps the girl at points she can’t do. but, Satou are inside of appreciate at Yachiyo, and anytime your one views Yachiyo spending time with Kyouko, this person becomes upset, and because 1 effects, bullies Taneshima. Always through teasing her up to their babe height, additionally messing along with this one babe “fluffy” hair at putting so it in separate hairstyles otherwise sole ruffling so it.

Kyouko Shirafuji [ modify | edit provider ]

Kyouko are quite protective regarding Taneshima, plus offers discovered our routine inside safeguard this girl in bullies entering that the restaurant. because of this one female styles ones supervisor, Kyouko try authorized to use physical violence to the the bullies, typically commonly causes consumers inside not come straight back, maintaining Taneshima safer.

Yachiyo Todoroki [ modify | change provide ]

like Kyouko, Yachiyo frequently defends Taneshima when ever someone insults her height and are generally Satou your she’s in order to protect Taneshima against.

Mahiru Inami [ alter | modify supply ]

Taneshima and Inami have always been always truly contacts, subsequently often chat to every other towards assist Inami overcome her androphobia. Taneshima still very involves by herself in Inami’s choose concerning Takanashi. She tries to move them together in almost most ways it she can, as well as scolds Takanashi when he makes Inami feeling bad. At event twelve, Taneshima manufactured Takanashi promise inside have out of of a duration amongst Inami after refund towards achieving Taneshima feeling bad.

Souma Hiroomi [ modify | edit company ]

Taneshima as well as Souma have actually continually been shut friends, still Taneshima tend to be occasionally afraid to him because this person understands her black colored deceive, and utilizes it acquiring the lady to do his work in direction of him.

Aoi Yamada [ modify | edit give ]

today that Taneshima does not identify-through Yamada’s lies, this girl believes ones Yamada really amazing and type girl along with an sad last. Also, like Taneshima ended up being elderly next Yamada, this girl took it chance to created Yamada think out of their woman just like that the lady “onee-san” (elder sister) hence this girl wouldn’t try to be seemed directly down shortly after with Yamada. Conversely, Yamada already appeared down at this babe and further patted her go. Taneshima was quite oblivious inside observe your.

numerous [ change | modify supply ]

Takanashi Household [ modify | alter supply ]

Popura appearance augment in Souta’s mother plus each Takanashi sisters while these are regularly various tall, customarily test things typically Popura aspires to-have any time period. Popura especially admires Souta’s mom, Shizuka Takanashi, thinking about this girl constantly stay quick love Popura, although Souta’s mother utilized your woman personal will help you to energy towards come to be high just after this one babe was in fact following the girl partner.

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